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  1. Sog Elite Entrenching Tool

    Sog Elite Entrenching Tool

    Regular Price: $92.50

    Sale Price: $64.75

    This durable model with a collapsible handle is packable and portable, meaning you can have a shovel or entrenching tool whenever and wherever the need arises.
    When you need to get down and dirty, SOG's new Elite E-Tool (E, of course, stands for entrenching) is just the ticket. A shade over two feet in length, the E-tool can be deployed in conditions as varied as desert sand, backyard snow or around a campfire ring. The carbon shovel end will stay sharp and strong through it all.
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  2. Kershaw Dimension Folding Knife

    Kershaw Dimension Folding Knife

    Regular Price: $124.99

    Sale Price: $87.49

    If you love titanium, Kershaw’s new Dimension is the answer. With its steel-and-titanium construction, the new Kershaw Dimension is a genuine eye-catcher. The handle is titanium with deeply machined grooves in the sides of the handle and finger contours on the bottom. This ensures you'll always have an extremely secure grip and gives the Dimension a very solid feel in your hand.
    The titanium handle is paired with an 8Cr13MoV blade for strength, toughness, and its ability to hold an edge. The wider drop-point blade is very practical and excels at doing just about any task you would demand of it. An easily accessible button lock provides lockup security when the blade is open, but also enables you to easily release the lock with the push of a button when closing the knife.
    The Dimension also features Speed Safe assisted opening, which can be accessed using the built-in flipper or thumb stud. To complete the handsome package, the Dimension includes a Tri-Carry (three-position) deep-carry pocket clip for carrying versatility.
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  3. CRKT Ikoma Carajas Folding Knife

    CRKT Ikoma Carajas Folding Knife

    Regular Price: $107.99

    Sale Price: $91.79

    Overall Length: 7.38”
    Closed Length: 4.3”
    Weight: 3 oz.
    Blade Length: 3.12”
    Thickness: 0.1”
    Steel: 12C27 Stainless Steel.
    HRC: 57-58.
    Blade Finish: Satin.
    Grind: Hollow grind.
    Blade style: Drop point.
    Blade edge: Plain.
    Handle Material: Black G-10.
    Lock: Liner Lock.
    Pocket clip.
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  4. CRKT Mini My Tighe Outburst Folding Knife

    CRKT Mini My Tighe Outburst Folding Knife

    Regular Price: $107.99

    Sale Price: $91.79


    Open Overall Length: 6.5", Closed Length: 3.73", Weight: 3.8 oz. 

    Blade Length: 3", Thickness: 0.12"

    Steel: 1.4116 Stainless Steel. ,HRC: 55-57

    Blade Finish:Satin, Blade Style: Grind Hollow Style Deep Belly with Recurve.

    Handle Material: Aluminum & Glass Filled Nylon, Liner 420J2 Stainless Steel.

    Lock Type: Frame Lock, Carry System 1 Position Clip.

    Features OutBurst System.

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  5. LOTR Sting Sword of Frodo with Wall Plaque

    LOTR Sting Sword of Frodo with Wall Plaque

    Regular Price: $236.25

    Sale Price: $165.38

    This Sting sword was carried by Frodo Baggins on his quest through Middle Earth in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. United Cutlery, industry leader in fine movie reproductions, has meticulously recreated the actual filming prop using only the finest grade materials and craftsmanship. Close attention to detail was a top priority.

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  6. Viper Magà Tactical Green Micarta Folding Knife

    Viper Magà Tactical Green Micarta Folding Knife

    Regular Price: $287.44

    Sale Price: $201.08

    Designed by knife designer and teacher of the martial art “Krav Magà” for the Israeli Army, Boris Manasherov.

    Colours may vary!

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  7. ZT  Rick Hinderer S35VN Folding Knife

    ZT Rick Hinderer S35VN Folding Knife

    Regular Price: $300.00

    Sale Price: $210.00

    The Zero Tolerance 0550 features a bullet-tough blade of Crucible's S35VN stainless steel with stonewashed finish. The steel is designed to offer increased toughness over S30V, yet be easier to machine and polish. It offers high wear resistance and resists edge chipping. Its chemistry includes niobium, vanadium and chromium carbides and offers an exceptionally uniform distribution of those carbides, too. In other words, this high-performance knife can take whatever you can dish out. Designed by Rick Hinderer.



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  8. Lord of the Rings Strider Sword

    Lord of the Rings Strider Sword

    Regular Price: $411.25

    Sale Price: $287.88

    The Lord of the Rings trilogy offers another officially licensed reproduction sword in this replica of the sword of Strider. Strider was one of the mysterious Rangers of the North, feared and distrusted by the folk of Eriador because of the Rangers grim appearance and nomadic lives. However, the Rangers protected these same people from the forces of evil. Strider was in fact Aragorn, the heir to the crown of Gondor. This sword is the plain battle sword he used while on his missions against the agents of Sauron. Learn More
  9. Viper "START" Carbon Fiber Folding Knife

    Viper "START" Carbon Fiber Folding Knife

    Regular Price: $368.75

    Sale Price: $295.00

    The Start launch marks Viper’s debut in producing folding knives for the tactical-military field. Built under the banner of robustness and performance, it does not give up on the fine finish such as the rounded spacers and the tremendously precise pairing, usually reserved to gentleman’s knives. This version with the carbon fiber shells adds on an extra touch of modernity and innovation. Learn More

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