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  1. CRKT Ken Onion Outrage Folding Knife

    CRKT Ken Onion Outrage Folding Knife

    Regular Price: $94.49

    Sale Price: $85.04

    It's beautiful. How it tears through anything in its path. Ken Onion of Kaneohe, HI, designed the Outrage™ to be a sophisticated everyday carry blade. But he created a knife that will destroy whatever stands in its way.
    At work or out on the town this knife is ready for action. Featuring a modified drop point blade in the distinctive Ken Onion style, it's ready to take on a variety of cutting tasks and claim victory over every one of them—without you breaking a sweat.
    An IKBS™ ball bearing pivot system deploys the blade smooth and fast while a locking liner keeps you protected. Keeping boxes, rope and twine safe from it? That's a different story.
    An aluminum handle in a gun metal grey makes the Outrage™ look like something you'd see out of NASA not just CRKT. Finally, a low profile clip keeps the whole thing tight and snug in your pocket.
    Ken Onion is no stranger to stylish folders that win awards for their good looks and solid build. We're pretty sure the Outrage™ is next in line to take the stage with some of his favorite designs.
    When you have a tough job to get through in a stylish way, the Outrage™ fits the bill.
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  2. CRKT Graphite Folding Knife

    CRKT Graphite Folding Knife

    Regular Price: $94.49

    Sale Price: $85.04

    Looks like a sports car. Cuts through tasks like a bulldozer. The Graphite folding knife is unique, elegant and significantly cheaper than an Italian sports car. With an open build skeletal frame and the integrated Klecker Lock for safety, Glenn Klecker's new Graphite® knife is a lightweight folder that's perfect for heavy-duty jobs. It has a Spey blade. It cuts through anything. Pop it open and put it to work.

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  3. CRKT Fulcrum 2 Folding Knife

    CRKT Fulcrum 2 Folding Knife

    Regular Price: $115.95

    Sale Price: $104.36

    A new spin on a classic. Yet still fun when you open it up. When we first debuted the unique opener on this knife a few years ago, it was like nothing we'd ever seen before. This year we got to work creating a new design that opens eyes as well, resulting in the Fulcrum™

    When Russ Kommer of Fargo, North Dakota designs his knives, he's as excited by innovations as he is by sleek new lines. Yet being a knife maker with several years under his belt he also knows what works. That's why he couldn't help but bring back a time-tested folding system and make it even better by putting it in a knife with an even more attractive design. He wanted something that performed as well at opening as it did going through tasks. With the Fulcrum™2 he succeeded.
    The thin, sleek modified drop point blade style makes for a very nice every day knife. It's as perfect for those hammering away on steel as for those who are crunching numbers. Either way you have a knife that puts classic looks and new technology into a modern-era folder.
    At first it may be hard to put your finger on what makes this knife unique. Then you use your thumb to open it. Push down on the actual sliding scale and pull back on the handle. The blade goes into its locking position. Your friend will simply say, "cool." Which is good because words really don't do this opener justice.
    Finally, the carbon fiber handle textured handle keeps it looking great in the closed position. But when you have so much power under the hood you can't help but let it fly out of your pocket and get to work.
    If you're looking for a knife that starts up conversations and ends jobs quickly, reach for the Fulcrum™ 2.

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  4. CRKT Ken Onion Get.S**t Done Folding Knife

    CRKT Ken Onion Get.S**t Done Folding Knife

    Regular Price: $134.99

    Sale Price: $121.49

    For gentlemen who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty.
    Liong Mah's everyday carry knife looks good with your Sunday best or putting in overtime on weekdays. The clip-point blade style works well on a variety of tasks, and the IKBS™ ball bearing pivot system opens the knife fast and easy and as smooth as you are under pressure.
    Liong Mah, the Palm Bay, Florida designer who created the G.S.D.™, has always challenged the conventions of knife design, looking at production knives with a discerning eye, imagining how he might improve them. Mah holds his work to a superior standard, striving to create knives that are safe, functional and beautiful. And the G.S.D.™ is no exception. This is a work knife that looks classy and industrial, with lines that are simple and functional, from tip to handle.
    No detail has been overlooked on this knife. Perfect for left or right-handed users, it comes equipped with a tip up two-position pocket clip that is beautifully sculpted to match the rest of the knife. The clip-point blade is durable and always up for the challenge, no matter what heavy-duty cutting tasks you throw at it.
    If you're looking for a tasteful folder that's truly functional, the G.S.D.™ gets sh** done.

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  5. Benchmade Precinct Flipper Folding Knife

    Benchmade Precinct Flipper Folding Knife

    Regular Price: $189.00

    Sale Price: $160.65

    A compact flipper that marks the second designer collaboration with Butch Ball. The Precinct features thrust bearing washers and textured G10 combined with the finger relief handle design Butch incorporates to provide exceptional grip.
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  6. Benchmade Grey G10 Mini Barrage Folding Knife

    Benchmade Grey G10 Mini Barrage Folding Knife

    Regular Price: $229.50

    Sale Price: $195.08

    The original AXIS® Assist now with G10. Gray G10 enhances the look and feel and upgraded blade steel offers enhanced edge performance. The same awesome mechanism with a new look and feel and a performance upgrade. What's not to like? Learn More
  7. Citadel Palisander wood Toucan Utility Fixed Knife

    Citadel Palisander wood Toucan Utility Fixed Knife

    Regular Price: $253.50

    Sale Price: $228.15

    The Toucan from Citadel is a big, beefy knife at home in the back woods or on the trail.
    Featuring a pistol style grip that transitions from an oval to nearly full round at the butt this knife is designed for hours of comfortable use. The grip is carved from high quality figured Palisander Wood. The high carbon steel blade is hand forged from imported DNH7 steel and differentially hardened in the Japanese style. This hardening process creates a hard, durable edge and a softer more resilient spine and tang. The blade is sharpened to a full convex profile which greatly increases the durability of the hardened edge. Typically a leather strop is all that is needed for sharpening.
    A full grain leather belt sheath is included with a unique top opening that gives full access to the grip. As DNH7 is a high-carbon steel the knife should not be stored in the leather for a long period of time; a nylon zipper storage pouch is included for long-term storage instead.

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  8. Kizer Blue Drop point Titanium Frame lock Folding Knife

    Kizer Blue Drop point Titanium Frame lock Folding Knife

    Regular Price: $322.34

    Sale Price: $241.75

    4 3/4" closed. 3 1/2" Anodized Titanium Handles. TiNi Coated CPM-S35VN Blade with dual thumb studs and extended tang. 6AL4V titanium handles.
    Lanyard hole. 6AL4V titanium pocket clip. Learn More
  9. Benchmade Mike Norris Damascus Gold Class Valet Folding Knife

    Benchmade Mike Norris Damascus Gold Class Valet Folding Knife

    Regular Price: $1,620.00

    Sale Price: $1,377.00

    “No detail on this incredible knife was overlooked. Even the DLC (diamond-like coating) hardware took the Gold team a week of sorting and finishing before there were enough parts to create the knives. The blade and handles are made of full Mike Norris, Crazy Lace Damascus. Each hand-matched handle set taking hours to produce; between the hand sanding, polishing and acid etching. The results speak for themselves, with a deep etch that can be felt to the touch. The Gold Class 485 Valet is a truly handcrafted work of art.”, Hans Albing - Gold Class Product Line Manager.


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