Hi Everyone, By now you have all seen the NEW Benchmade HUNT 15080-1601 LTD Edition Crooked River Folder.

Well they have all sold out fast. The reason, is that this knife was never intended to be available to the general public.

It is a LTD edition for the first 500 retail stores in North America, that purchased a certain amount of Benchmade in a year.

So basically it is a gift to the owners. So don't call Benchmade as you won't be able to get one.

There are sites out there that says out of stock! Don't count on getting one! I would rather tell you all up front!

That being said, yes, it is extremely collectable! They sold on EBay, etc.... for around $399. U.S.

I stopped collecting a long time ago, well because, I own an entire store of knives.... LOL!   By the way, it is absolutely beautiful!

I decided that I am willing to sell it, as well for $400 Canadian, (Cash only) if anyone is interested.

If not, I will just keep it!

I have to sell it separately from the store. I received #77 / 500.

Just throwing it out there if anyone is interested. It must be cash only! Anyways here are some pics of it.