Some of you may have noticed that the Benchmade Prices have fluctuated a bit in the past 2 weeks. Canada does not have a MAP pricing policy, which means, in the USA they have the MSRP (manufacturers suggested retail price) MAP pricing is the lowest that a retailer can sell an item for, which is dictated by the supplier. Again Canada does not have MAP pricing policies. With that being said, Benchmade called all Canadian retailers and told us that their lawyers were looking into the actual Canadian Pricing policies. Until their lawyers found out, ALL pricing policies were off the table. Now that they have finally concluded as to what their pricing is going to be from this day forward in Canada, we had Benchmade at 25% off from the time they let us know. Now we have put the discount back to where Benchmade has told everyone. No retailer will be allowed to sell any Benchmade product for less than 15% off. All websites will be monitored, and IF they see someone selling below the pricing discounts,,,,,,simple,Benchmade WILL NOT sell to that reatailer any longer. They are going to be very adiment about this policy. So with that being said, we will continue to agree with the new Benchmade policy so we can continue to bring our customers Benchmade product in the future.