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  1. Spyderco Police Folding Knife

    Spyderco Police Folding Knife

    Regular Price: $269.93

    Our Price: $215.94

    Spyderco's Police Model was developed in the early 1980’s in response to requests from law enforcement officers who wanted a slim, easy-to-carry folder capable of serious cutting performance. The result was the Police Model—one of the most enduring and iconic folding knives ever produced.

    The classic version of the Police Model features a satin-finished stainless-steel handle with chamfered edges for maximum comfort during use. This handle construction provides substantial heft and a solid foundation for the knife’s sturdy back lock mechanism, which features a Boye Dent to prevent unintentional lock release during use. Its blade is hollow ground from VG-10 stainless steel blade has a dramatic swedge (unsharpened bevel) for acute point geometry. This Combination Edge™, the Police Model’s blade also includes our Trademark Round Hole™ for swift, reliable, one-handed opening. A four-position hourglass clip completes the package, supporting tip-up or tip-down carry on both sides of the body and making the carry, deployment, and operation of this remarkable knife completely ambidextrous.
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  2. CRKT Crawford Triumph N.E.C.K cord wrap

    CRKT Crawford Triumph N.E.C.K cord wrap

    Regular Price: $80.99

    Our Price: $72.89

    Columbia River Knife and Tool 2030CW Crawford Triumph NECK Black with Razor Edge and Cord-Wrapped Handle.
    Both Triumph N.E.C.K. models are based on the same beefy 0.14 inch thick blade used on the Triumph Folder.
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  3. EvoGrip S18 Back Lock Patagonia Yellow Swiss-Army Knife
    Main Blade locks open!
    Locking Screwdriver with Cap Lifter & Wire Stripper.
    Double-Cut Wood Saw.
    Phillips Screwdriver.
    Lever Design Serrated Edge Scissors
    Can opener with small screwdriver.
    Nail File with Nail Cleaner.
    Toothpick and Tweezers.
    Key Ring.
    Handle Material: Polished Cellidor with Trac-Tec insert.
    Blade Style: Drop point.
    Blade Length: 3.3"
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  4. Kizer Orange S35VN Liner lock Folding Knife

    Kizer Orange S35VN Liner lock Folding Knife

    Regular Price: $169.95

    Our Price: $144.46

    Closed Length: 4-3/4"
    Blade Length: 3.1/2"
    Blade Finish: Stonewash.
    Blade Steel: S35VN stainless.
    Handle Material: Textured Aircraft Aluminum.
    Liner lock.
    Stainless Pocket clip.
    Lanyard hole.
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  5. SOG Powerplay Multi-tool / Hex Bit Kit

    SOG Powerplay Multi-tool / Hex Bit Kit

    Regular Price: $126.90

    Our Price: $95.18

    Compact, comfortable, and feature-rich, the Powerplay brings many often-used tool components into a small, pocketable multi-tool. Equipped with pliers powered by Compound Leverage, the jaws of the Powerplay has double the grasping power for increased grip and reduced slippage.
    The Powerplay also features a straight edge and a fully serrated blade that can be accessed single-handedly without opening the tool. This design gives easy access to the frequently used blades for cutting and slicing. When the tool is closed, the top has a centered hex bit driver which is convenient and comfortable to use while minimizing chances of stripped screw heads. Each handle is home to different useful tools like screwdrivers, can/bottle opener, saw, awl, file, and more: a total of 18 tool components.
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  6. Benchmade FREEK Combo Folding Knife

    Benchmade FREEK Combo Folding Knife

    Regular Price: $188.50

    Our Price: $160.23

    Dual durometer NEW Versaflex handles afford strength, comfort and positive grip to this versatile folder. Learn More
  7. Casstrom SFK Green Micarta Bushcraft Fixed Knife (Sweden)

    Casstrom SFK Green Micarta Bushcraft Fixed Knife (Sweden)

    Regular Price: $208.00

    Our Price: $187.20

    Buschraft Knife from Casstrom Sweden in high carbon O2 tool steel.
    This great new knife is built as a multipurpose knife for hunting, bushcraft and general use in the great outdoors. The blade is 3 7/8" long and made using 3.8mm thick Austrian made O2 high carbon tool steel (Böhler K720) and heat treated to achieve a hardness of 58-60 HRC. The knives are ground with a shaving sharp flat Scandinavian grind and have a satin finish. This steel in combination with the grind makes these knives very strong, yet very easy to sharpen and it takes a great edge.

    The handle is Green Canvas Micarta. There are black liners between the handle scales and steel to enhance durability over time. The wood has been treated with a traditional Scandinavian linseed oil based varnish.
    The knife comes with a sturdy welted sheath made from black 3mm vegetable tanned full-grain leather. The sheath features an extra wide belt loop, a fluid draining hole and a lanyard hole.
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  8. Benchmade G10 Slip joint Proper Folding Knife

    Benchmade G10 Slip joint Proper Folding Knife

    Regular Price: $175.50

    Our Price: $149.18

    A simple yet modern take on a classic gentleman's knife. Learn More
  9. Benchmade Black FACT Folding Knife

    Benchmade Black FACT Folding Knife

    Regular Price: $292.50

    Our Price: $248.63

    This minimalist masterpiece won't get in your way, but will be there when you need it, and that's a FACT! Made in USA. Learn More
  10. Tops B.O.B. Tan Hunting Canvas Micarta Fixed Knife

    Tops B.O.B. Tan Hunting Canvas Micarta Fixed Knife

    Regular Price: $269.93

    Our Price: $215.94

    The Field craft Knife was designed by The Brothers of Bush craft, a coalition of men across North America focusing on sharing wilderness living skills of all categories. From tracking, to building shelters, the Brothers of Bush craft make it a point to show the skills to all people, of all ages, from all over.
    The Field craft Knife is the culmination of their knowledge, combining experiences from; the broad and humid rain forests, the arid and scorpion-littered deserts, and the frigid northern lands that span the Americas. The cutting edge is a Modified Scandinavian Grind, which is very effective for carving, skinning and other general woods work. With a Rockwell hardness of 56-58, the ease of sharpening is astounding. That is if you ever get to sharpen the blade. As the hardness and edge geometry work beautifully together to make a long lasting edge.
    The handle is one of the most ergonomic ones on the market, sporting several useful additions. Although knives with a lot of frills often end up lacking, the additional items found on the Field craft knife were selected from experience and critiqued in every step of design, development and production. Being made of canvas micarta, the handle will never let you down. The bow drill divot on the handle is frictionless and makes starting those primitive fires almost effortless. The "Thumb Scallops", formed on the hilt of the handle offer more comfort and control when using specialized carving and skinning grips. The pommel of the blade is simply the tang of the knife exposed enough to allow impact from a baton to not affect the handle (though the micarta is definitely tough enough to take such abuse). On the exposed pommel, you will find a scraper specially designed by one of The Brothers of Bush craft, for striking Ferro rods in a safe and efficient manner.
    The sheath is a strong, durable Kydex, with a steel belt clip. This arrangement allows a safe, secure and comfortable carry on the belt, pack strap, or even around the neck. With a built in Ferro-rod attachment point, the sheath now doubles as a minimalist survival kit. The Field craft knife has had heavy duty abuse, and testing done in the wilderness of Canada, where local survival experts Mors Kochanski, Dr. Gino Ferri, and many others have deemed her a "Serviceable Field Knife". These words are exactly what she is meant to be. From carving netting needles and trap triggers, to splitting logs in two, the TOPS Knives/Brothers of Bush craft Fielcraft Knife will do just about any chore that you can throw at her in a wilderness survival scenario.
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