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Why Kutters

It's an industry that dates back hundreds of years as a crafted European tradition.
As Canada's Largest Specialty Knife Store, family owned and operating since 1994, our reputation still relies heavily on giving the best quality product,excellent service and the largest selection to choose from.We are Authorized Dealers with every company on the website, and specialize in retailing quality knives and accessories from around the world. From the world's smallest knives to the world's largest, for any occasion, Kutters has quite the selection. In addition, we carry the best quality and most original selection of swords and collectables. Perfect for avid collectors and Practitoners!

Please be advised! Even though we are authorized dealers, we carry only selected companies and selected models instock.

We don't do repairs on knives as we are strictly a Retail Store!!

Customer Service

Expert advise

Today's consumers, are purchasing quality knives that last, and are warranted a lifetime, instead of buying knives or cutlery that have to be replaced every couple of years.

(I'm sure that everyone has one of those knives!)

People that shop at our store tell us that they are tired of buying inferior product.


Expert Advice

You can count on receiving expert advice on any product you purchase at Kutters, a fact that makes our specialty store more appealing.

We offer as much information to our customers on every purchase they make, to ensure that they buy the right product for the right use.
This is another reason why we only carry top quality brand names.


Canadian flag  Canadian Customers

No need to shop in the U.S, because our PRICES ARE THE U.S. PRICES AND IN SOME CASES LESS!

You don't pay the BROKERAGE FEES!

You don't pay the BORDER DUTY FEES!

You don't pay the taxes on the DUTY FEES!

Most importantly, you don't have to take the chance of losing your product and your money at the border!


Kutters only ships within Canada!

Ottawa's Premier Knife Store!









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